...sets himself apart from other hip-hop artists by the simple fact that he is not wack...another contributor to the West Coast rap renaissance...
— URB Magazine Next 100


It's difficult for me to say that I like something--most especially when it's something that I've made--but I like this. I hesitate to call it a mixtape, but not because it is my aim to be so unlike every other rapper in music right now. I just don't think that's what it is. This wasn't as meticulously planned out as a good mixtape should be. There is an air of cohesion here, but nothing really more than a bunch of songs that are decently sequenced. What this is, for the most part, is a business card. A mission statement, rather. It is my hope that y'all get a clearer picture of who it is that I am--mainly in a musical sense, but I suppose personally as well. The music reflected on this demo represents just a few of the swatches of color that I dig on, and the words that I've paired with it is just a glimpse into how I perceive the world, as it perceives me; you'll be privy to more glimpses in the future. Promise.

Be well.